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 1.Formulate and improve the norms for relevant exam management; study the exam (evaluation) mode.
 2.Organize the teaching and examination work separately, including the compilation of exam syllabus, the establishment, management, inspection and selection of the paper database.
 3. Organize the large-scale at national (provincial) level: College English Test, Test for English/Japanese Major, National/ provincial Computer Rank Exam and other qualification tests. Declare and manage new exams.
 4.Organize and arrange on-campus final exam, make-up exam, and the approval of application for the delay in examination. Gather, print, preserve and release the exam paper, organize and inspect the on-campus competition and the placement test for public courses, and apply for reinspecting the test paper in junior college and university.
 5.Organize the auditor to check the exam paper; assess the exam score and evaluate the paper quality, marking quality and evaluation standard; issue relevant report.
 6.Supervise the exam and deal with the cases of unfair means in the examination; release exam notice, gather, sort and file the relevant material.