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1.Assist the office leader in guiding each department to work out the major construction plan. Organize the major declaration and the compilation of academic documents.
 2.Responsible for the evaluation and construction of school-level qualified courses, excellent courses and elaborate courses. Organize the declaration work for those elaborate courses at or above the provincial level.
 3.Organize the education reform and set up the construction project; declare and assess the school-level teaching reform achievements.
 4.Be responsible for the course & major development and the teaching reform.
 5.Handle well the declaration of new major.
 6.Organize the construction of key disciplines and key majors.
 7.Make intensive research to deepen the theoretical study in higher education. Provide advice for campus education reform based on the needs of our school.
 8.Carry out the research on learning and teaching; put forward the teaching developing plan, the establishment and adjustment of each department and major, and the advice on the teaching reform with the authority concerned.
 9.Keep up with the development of higher education reform home and abroad. Arrange the edition of Recent Trends in Higher Education Reform every week.