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1.Organize all sectors of education to work out and implement the lab construction planning and the annual performance planning.
 2.Declare and construct the experiment teaching demonstration center at the university and provincial level. Cooperate for better construction of the experimental teaching platform at the university level.
 3.Organize all sectors of education to formulate the construction planning for the Practical Teaching Base. Assist them in the construction and the evaluation of internship and training base on and off campus.
 4.Organize the annual effectiveness evaluation of the laboratory center/room. Assist the establishment of technological file for large-scale precision instruments and regularly evaluate their utilization.
 5.Summate and report the lab information for each academic year.
 6.Compile and implement relative regulations and quality criteria in regards to the practical teaching (experiment, internship and training, curriculum design and graduation designing/thesis), and supervise their implementation.
 7.Manage the planning, execution, evaluation and improvement of the practical teaching. Give full play to the functions of the Practical Teaching Commission in terms of advisory and decision-making aspects.
 8.Organize the practical teaching and audit relevant expenditure of each department. Regularly carry out the experience exchange activity on practical teaching.
 9.Control the overall quality of graduation designing/essay and organize the collection and feedback of relative information in a timely manner. Compile and demonstrate the excellent graduate works.
 10.Assist in the pilot program of Developing Excellent Engineer.
 11.Declare, launch and manage the Undergraduate Innovative Experiment Program at university/ provincial level.
 12.Organize the establishment and appointment of the open experiment program.
 13.Assist in collecting and presenting the student achievements in the extracurricular technological activities. Give credit to students taking part in the innovative practice.