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Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 The Measures of XMUT for the Management of International Teachers is developed in accordance with the Regulations on employment of international experts and teachers in colleges and universities (Jiao Wai Ban [1991] No. 462) and relevant rules and regulations issued by Ministry of Education and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, and the situation of XMUT, in order to enhance the management of international teachers.

Article 2 On the basis of the open and international orientation of XMUT, the management of international teachers should focus on serving the construction and development of key programs, disciplines, and research specialties, and constantly optimize the quantity and quality of international teachers, so as to improve the qualification of teaching staff and promote teaching and research, with a further view to improving foreign language proficiency of students, broadening their international vision and creating an international atmosphere for education.

Article 3 The management of international teachers is guided by the principles of diversified recruitment, merit-and law-based employment, and pragmatic management.

Chapter II Competent Department

Article 4 International teachers are under the unified management of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the OICE) whose duties are listed as follows:

1. Overall coordination of international teacher management, including the recruitment, application evaluation, contract signing, working formalities in China, and approval of payment of salaries of international teachers.

2. Foreign affairs discipline education among international teachers who are required to strictly abide by Chinese laws in their teaching.

3. Safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of international teachers to ensure that they enjoy the same rights as Chinese staff in XMUT.

4. Coordination and evaluation of the employment management of international teachers by the hiring school or college, or competent departments, to ensure the employment benefits of XMUT.

Article 5 The teaching, research, life management and welfare payment of international teachers are carried out jointly by the Academic Affairs Office, hiring school or college, Science and Technology Division, Logistics Division, and Trade Union.

Chapter III Employment

Article 6 Employment conditions

Under 60 years of age in principle, healthy, no history of serious diseases; no criminal records or bad addictions; international teachers for specialized courses should have a master’s degree (or above) and relevant work experience; international teachers for language courses should have a bachelor degree or above, with a priority for applicants with overseas experiences in education or language training.

Article 7 Employment procedures

1. By October of each year, the school or college should submit its annual demand plan for international teachers together with its annual teacher recruitment plan to the Division of Human Resources. OICE will then confirm the plan with the school or college concerned and submit it to the Academic Affairs Office and Division of Human Resources for review and then to the university leader in charge of human resources, teaching and foreign affairs for approval. After the approval, OICE, together with the Division of Human Resources, will publish recruitment information and select qualified candidates. The annual demand plan for international teachers should specify the following information:

(1)The number of international teachers needed, job responsibilities, and academic requirements (including qualifications, knowledge background and experiences);

(2) International teachers’ tasks (descriptions of teaching courses, class hours, objects, research tasks and others);

2. Applicants for international teachers should provide the following information:

(1) Curriculum Vitae, containing detailed personal information, address, phone, email, etc.;

(2) Personal statement, containing the reasons for applying and working plan, etc.;

(3) Copy of passport, and copies of passports of accompanying family members, if applicable;

(4) Copy of diploma or certificate;

(5) Letter of Recommendation written by former employer, describing the working relationship between the employer and applicant, job duties and performance of the applicant; employer profile; for international experts working in China, a Letter of Recommendation issued by the former institution and stamped with the official seal of the department in charge of international experts is required.

(6) Other alternative information: medical certificate issued by medical institutions designated by China’s embassies or consulates overseas; police certificate verified by China’s embassies or consulates overseas; copy of personal insurance policy; teacher certificate or proof of relevant expertise;

3. OICE makes an initial list of qualified applicants through audit of applying information, investigation of work experiences, and telephone or video interviews.

4. OICE organizes an all-round evaluation, including interviews, telephone interviews, video interviews, and lectures of the applicants in the initial list, attended by relevant personnel in the hiring school or college, Division of Human Resources, Academic Affairs Office, and representatives of in-service international teachers. OICE then issues a comprehensive evaluation and makes specific suggestions on a shortlist, job tasks and remuneration package.

5. OICE submits the shortlist and program to the university leader concerned for approval. After approval, OICE can negotiate and sign contracts with the candidates and handle their employment procedures.

Chapter IV Remuneration package

Article 8 The salaries of international teachers are based on the employment contract which specifies the job tasks and remuneration package. XMUT will make an evaluation of the performance of international teachers on a regular basis and make timely payment of salaries to qualifiers.

Article 9 Weencourages qualified international teachers to work for a long term and will raise contract salaries in the renewed period, as appropriate, in accordance with their annual overall evaluation.

Article 10 In case an international teacher volunteers to undertake a workload exceeding the amount stipulated in the contract, the payment of allowances needs to be agreed upon separately.

Article 11 The salary will be paid in ten months from the date of reporting for duty to the date of expiration of the contract. The salary of the last month of employment will be paid after the international teacher has completed leaving procedures and paid off relevant fees. The unpaid fees will be deducted from their salaries for the month.

Article 12 The international teachers should pay personal income tax in accordance with the Individual Income Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China. The tax will be withheld and paid by XMUT in accordance with relevant regulations.

Article 13 For accommodation of international teachers, refer to the provisions of Article 30.

Article 14 XMUT purchases a medical insurance package, including critical illness insurance and hospitalization insurance, for the international teachers (excluding their accompanying family members) with duration of employment over an academic year; international teachers whose duration is less than one academic year should buy overseas medical insurance before coming to China.

Article 15 For international teachers whose duration of employment is over one academic year (excluding their accompanying family members), they can reimburse international and domestic travel expenses by tickets upon the expiration of the contract each year, with an upper limit of reimbursement of CNY 8,000 for international teachers from Europe, America and Australia, and of CNY 4,000 for those from Asia. For international teachers whose duration of employment is one semester or over one semester but less than one academic year, they can reimburse no more than CNY 4,000 for those from Europe, America and Australia, and no more than CNY 2,000 for those from Asia.

Article 16 International teachers whose duration of employment is one year or more can enjoy the same welfare benefits as those of members of teachers’ union of XMUT.

Article 17 International teachers should also participate in XMUT’s faculty overall evaluation for each academic year. Those with excellent performance or outstanding contributions will be awarded.

Chapter V Contract Management

Article 18 International teachers whose duration of employment is one year or more need to sign an employment contract, business contract, and management contract with XMUT. OICE is responsible for the signing and archiving of contracts, and for coordinating and supervising the implementation of contracts.

1. A framework contract uniformly printed by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs should be adopted as the employment contract which will be signed by the international teacher and OICE on behalf of XMUT, specifying the duration of employment, salary, basic duties of both parties, and liability for breach of contract.

2. The business contract should be prepared, on the basis of the contents of Chapter VI of the Measures, by the hiring school or college and signed by it and the international teacher, specifying the duties of both parties in business.

3. The management contract should be prepared, on the basis of the contents of the Measures, by OICE and signed by it and the international teacher, specifying relevant regulations to be observed by the teacher.

Article 19 The business contract and management contract serve not only as the basis for the management of international teacher contracts, but also as the reference standard for the performance evaluation of international teachers.

Article 20 In accordance with relevant provisions, the employment contract for international teachers should be signed for duration of one year. Once the contract is signed, the hiring school or college should regard the international teacher as its own employee in management. Any default should be promptly reported to OICE.

Chapter VI Business Management

Article 21A Vice Dean of the hiring school or college will be in charge of the business of international teachers. He or she should appoint a contact for them in daily management and designate a student assistant in their lives and a partner teacher in teaching, so as to facilitate their teaching, research, living, and other activities. The management of international teachers should stress the requirements, effectiveness, communication and service.

Article 22 The business contract signed by the hiring school or college and international teachers should specify the working weeks for each academic year and the job duties, including classroom teaching (language classes: 14 class hours / week, professional classes: 12 class hours / week), extracurricular activities (2 class hours / week), academic lectures (1 time / academic year) and participating in the work sessions in the hiring school or college.

Article 23 The hiring school or college should require its international teachers to take part in faculty training, business consulting, external publicity, text editing, bilingual curriculum development, foreign language website construction, foreign language corner, student counseling appointments, competition instruction and other extracurricular activities, and to assist XMUT and the hiring school or college in their international cooperation and exchange.

Article 24 The hiring school or college should fully tap the international teachers’ research capacity. It should encourage them to publish academic papers on behalf of it, assist them in applying for research projects and utilize their resources in the exchange and cooperation in academic research.

1. International teachers can apply for research and teaching reform projects within XMUT, and participate in major research projects (with the exception of projects with special secrecy requirements).

2. International teachers can also enjoy the research award after completing their teaching and research tasks stipulated in the contract.

Article 25 The hiring school or college should brief the international teachers on its status-quo and specify their job duties in advance and maintain effective communication and regularly organize work sessions after they report for duty.

1. Brief the international teachers on its faculty, programs, research, job duties, etc.;

2. Promptly notify the international teachers of the school calendar arrangement, teaching adjustments on legal holidays, class hour arrangements, classroom distribution and related information;

3. Invite the international teachers to participate in teaching and research sessions to listen to their opinions and suggestions;

4. Encourage the international teachers to maintain friendly exchanges with its students and Chinese faculty and help them solve their problems.

Article 26 The hiring school or college should stress open instruction and set standards in its teaching management of international teachers.

1. It should explain to the international teachers the cultivation program and curriculum of the major they teach, specify the contents, objectives, and objects of the course, and provide syllabus templates, necessary reference books and supplies, prior to the beginning of each semester.

2. Organize the teaching cooperation between international teachers and their partners so as to ensure effective integration of international teachers into the system of XMUT and to improve their jobs.s

3. Encourage international teachers to compile new textbooks and develop course syllabi and teaching plans, all of which should be submitted for review and approval before the course begins.

4. Collect, archive and utilize the teaching materials related to international teachers on a long-term basis so as to foster new courses or excellent courses on the premise of absorbing their teaching experience, contents and methods.

Article 27 International teachers should perform their duties in teaching and research and accept the check and supervision conducted by the university and hiring school or college.

1. International teachers should abide by relevant requirements in their teaching, i.e., carefully preparing lessons, timely writing and submitting syllabi, teaching plans, and other materials.

2. International teachers are encouraged to introduce overseas state-of-the-art teaching experience, methods, and materials, with the exception of disseminating information unrelated to their lessons.

3. International teachers’ duties consist of checking on students’ attendance and classroom discipline, arranging and grading assignments, marking test papers and entering marks, and participating in required extra-curricular activities.

4. International teachers should note personal grooming and course attendance, and handle formalities in the hiring school or college prior to asking for sick or personal leave.

5. International teachers should not take the liberty to undertake part-time jobs off campus. If necessary, they should submit a written application to the OICE and guarantee that the part-time jobs will not affect their duties in XMUT.

Article 28 The OICE should collaborate with the Academic Affairs Office and the hiring school or college in an all-round evaluation of the performance of international teachers (including part-time international teachers). The results of evaluation will serve as the basis for their renewal of contract, award and raise in salary.

1. The Academic Affairs Office and Teaching Supervision Team conducts a teaching inspection among international teachers which is the same as that in Chinese teachers in each semester. The hiring school or college organizes a peer observation and evaluation of international teachers and a comprehensive evaluation graded by students in order to analyze their performance and obtain feedback. After the inspection and evaluation, a satisfaction survey form, student evaluation of teaching form, teaching quality evaluation form, normal class records, and student comprehensive evaluation form will be filled out and submitted to the OICE.

2. The OICE, together with the hiring school or college, records the international teachers’ participation in extracurricular activities in each semester and makes relevant investigation and evaluation.

3. The hiring school or college should evaluate the employment benefits of the international experts according to their performance within one month before the expiration of the contract, fill in a benefits evaluation form and submit it to OICE, indicating its opinion on reappointment. A special report is needed for international experts who have made a significant contribution during the employment.

Chapter VII Management of Daily Life

Article 29 The international teachers with duration of employment of over one academic year can apply to the OICE 15 days in advance for accommodation arrangements. They can choose to solve their own accommodation and get a housing subsidy or live in the international teachers’ apartment arranged by the Logistics Division. In case they choose to live in the apartment, the hiring school or college will assist them in handling the check-in formalities (e.g., getting apartment keys, confirming the list of apartment supplies, etc.).

1. The international teachers’ apartment consists of one bedroom, one living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, equipped with basic furniture, including an air conditioner (heating device inclusive), a color TV, a refrigerator, a telephone, internet access, a bed, and simple kitchen utensils. If the teacher has other requirements, the costs incurred should be converted on the above criteria, with the excess borne by the teacher.

2. The international teachers who arrange their own accommodation can apply for a housing subsidy whose amount depends on the circumstances.

3. In case it is necessary to arrange housing for an international teacher hired for a short term, the OICE should apply 15 days in advance. After approval by the university leader concerned, the Logistics Division will make relevant arrangements.

Article 30 The Logistics Division should check, repair and improve the furniture and appliances of the apartment and make it clean and tidy before the international teachers move in. It should explain to them the use of apartment devices and precautions during their check-in and inspect if the furniture and appliances are lost or damaged before their check-out.

Article 31 After moving into the apartment, the international teachers can report their maintenance requirements or file complaints about services or facilities to the OICE which will coordinate the Logistics Division and the hiring school or college to solve these problems.

Article 32 The Office of University Security is responsible for the security of international teachers’ apartment in or off campus, with assistance from the Logistics Division and OICE. It should regularly eliminate the safety hazards and conduct anti-fire and anti-theft education.

Article 33 International teachers staying in the apartment should abide by the following rules:

1. They should not exchange apartments in private, lend or rent it to others.

2. They should save water and electricity. XMUT provides a free allowance of 300 yuan for total costs in water, electricity, telephone, and gas. The excessive amount should be borne by them and withheld in the salary.

3. They should maintain sanitation in the apartment and not move or damage its facilities. The lost or damaged facilities due to negligence should be compensated according to their prices.

4. Before the international teachers leave XMUT upon the expiration of contract, the hiring school or college should assist them in handling check-out formalities (inspecting facilities, returning keys, etc.) in the Logistics Division.

5. They should avoid loud noises in the apartment so as not to disturb others; in case of noises caused by gathering of friends, they should coordinate in advance with neighbors so as to maintain harmony and avoid conflicts.

6. In order to ensure the personal and property safety of international teachers, the normal visiting hours are from 8:00 to 23:00. In case of a foreign guest who needs to stay in the apartment overnight (no more than one week), the teacher should report it to the OICE for approval and handle accommodation registration. Chinese guests are not allowed to stay in the apartment overnight.

7. They should guard against theft, fire or other accidents. If such happens, report immediately to OICE for minor incidents and call the police promptly for major accidents.

Article 34 After the arrival of international teachers, the hiring school or college should assist them in handling registration formalities and help them to get familiar with the campus and surroundings.

Article 35 The OICE and hiring school or college should organize festival celebration and recreational activities for international teachers, invite them to participate in cultural and sports activities on campus, and arrange holiday tours based on their wishes to enrich their cultural life.

Chapter VIII Entry and Exit Administration

Article 36 The OICE is responsible for handling approval procedures for international teachers in higher authorities.

1. After international teachers sign work contracts with XMUT, OICE can apply to Fujian Provincial Department of Education for the working permit to China and the Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit.

2. International teachers should go to local police station for temporary registration of foreigners within 7 days after entry into China and arrival in XMUT.

3. After their arrival at Xiamen, the OICE will handle the visa, health certificate, insurance and other formalities for staying in China for international teachers and pay for the charges incurred. During the process, the international teachers should make allowance for any inconvenience arising from lacking such credentials.  

Article 37 The OICE should submit the basic information of international teachers and of their entry and exit to the Office of University Security which will then report it to higher authorities for filing.

Article 38 During their teaching in Xiamen, in case of leaving Xiamen or China for tourism or family visits, international teachers should obtain the permission from the hiring school or college before applying to the OICE for approval, reporting the cause, destination and return date, make class adjustments after approval and report for duty in the OICE and hiring school or college on the day of return. Any such travel leaving Xiamen without approval will be deemed as a breach of contract.

Article 39 Upon termination of work contract with international teachers (the contract terminates without reappointment upon expiration or in case of breach), the OICE will recover their foreign expert certificates and require them to provide their passports to make changes accordingly in their work visas and residence permits.

Article 40 International teachers should leave XMUT within 10 days upon termination of contract. They should handle relevant leaving formalities in departments concerned, including returning their apartments, paying off fees, returning their borrowed laptops, campus cards, and books.

Article 41 International teachers should exit China before expiration of validity of their visas or residence permits after leaving XMUT. Overdue stay will constitute illegal residence and be liable to be punished by entry and exit authorities.

Article 42 After leaving XMUT, in case international teachers are employed by other institutions in China, they can submit proof of their new employment and apply to the OICE for an extension of visa or handling the visa and residence permit changes separately.

Article 43 In the event of loss of passports, residence permits or other documents, international teachers should promptly report it to the OICE which will assist them in the re-issuance of documents at their own expense.

Article 44 XMUT will pick up the employed international teachers at their arrival in Xiamen and see them off in departure. The hiring school or college is responsible for such service and may ask the OICE for assistance if necessary.

Chapter IX General Management

Article 45 International teachers need to take pre-service training organized by the OICE and relevant departments, the details of which are as follows:

1. Relevant laws and regulations in China, such as the Law of People’s Republic of China on Administration of the Entry and Exit of Aliens, and religious policies;

2. Cultural differences, local customs and habits;

3. Overview of XMUT and basic information on teaching and living on campus;

4. Relevant provisions of XMUT on the management of international teachers.

Article 46 International teachers should observe the laws, regulations, education policies in China and respect the customs of Chinese. They should not promote religions or develop followers in any form in teaching venues or other public places, or be engaged in activities with seditious content or jeopardizing the national security of China in the form of survey or other forms.

Article 47 In order to enhance identity management, international teachers are requested to wear a school badge in major university conferences, use business cards with uniform XMUT logos, and adopt campus e-mail and network platform for work and communication.

Article 48 In addition to statutory holidays in China, international teachers may apply to the OICE for sick or personal leave, with details as follows:

1. International teachers who ask for sick leave should supply proof issued by doctors in hospitals designated by XMUT. For sick leave within thirty days, they will receive the normal salary. For sick leave exceeding thirty days, XMUT has the right to terminate the contract.

2. International teachers who ask for personal leave should obtain permission from the hiring school or college, with their salaries deducted on a daily basis. The personal leave should not exceed a total of ten days within the contract period (one academic year) or three consecutive days. In event of absence without approval, three days’ salary will be deducted for absence for one day. Three days’ absence will be deemed as a breach of contract and the teacher should pay liquidated damages. In event of serious breach, XMUT has the right to terminate the contract.

Article 49 International teachers may participate in the recruitment and management of international teachers, international exchanges, teaching and research instruction in the form of group leader or part-time personnel, with their remuneration negotiated separately.

Article 50 Outstanding departments and individuals in the recruitment and management of international teachers will be subsidized, commended and rewarded.

1. International teachers with excellent overall performance will be named Outstanding International Teacher, and be recommended as candidates for Teacher of the Year of XMUT and Xiamen Municipal Government Friendship Award. The winners will be commended and rewarded.

2. The contacts, partner teachers, and student assistants of international teachers can apply for reduction of workload, excessive workload subsidy, or work-study wages, respectively.

3. Winners of outstanding departments and individuals in international teacher management will be commended and rewarded.

Chapter X Supplementary Provisions

Article 51 The OICE reserves the right for the interpretation of the Measures.

Article 52 The Measures takes effect upon the date of announcement.