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The Interim Measures of XMUT for the Management of Overseas Intercollegiate Exchange Students is developed in order to regulate the school roll management and credit recognition for overseas intercollegiate exchange students and promote overseas intercollegiate exchanges.

I. Forms of Exchange

Article 1 Undergraduate students may go abroad or to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions for intercollegiate exchanges, with a study duration determined depending on the exchange programs and relevant expenses self-funded or sponsored by XMUT.

Article 2 XMUT will retain the school roll of students during intercollegiate exchanges.

II. Selection criteria, scope, procedures

Article 3 Basic requirements for students selected for overseas intercollegiate exchanges are as follows:

  1. All-round development and good performance in comprehensive quality evaluation;

  2. Qualified in compulsory courses and excellent academic performance;

  3. In line with other requirements prescribed in exchange programs;

4. No disciplinary action records.

Article 4 Generally, second-year undergraduate students and above (inclusive) are selected for exchange programs.

Article 5 In accordance with annual quota and specialty requirements of intercollegiate exchange programs, interested students can apply to the school or college and fill in the XMUT Student Overseas Program Application Form, attaching their transcripts. They should obtain the signature of their guardian, recommendation of the school or college and approval by the Academic Affairs Office (hereinafter referred to as the AAO) before they are qualified for the selection organized by the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the OICE) and relevant school or college. The shortlist will be submitted to the Vice President concerned for approval. After the approval, the OICE will handle dispatching procedures.

III. School Roll Management

Article 6 Students should go through the formalities for retaining school roll in the AAO before leaving campus. They should fill in XMUT Student School Roll Change Application Form, specify relevant information, sign for confirmation, and submit the form to the AAO after signed and stamped by the Vice Dean of the school or college.

Article 7 They should handle the procedures for resumption of study within two weeks (postponed in case of holidays) after their return to XMUT, fill in the XMUT Application Form for Resumption of Study, specify relevant information, sign for confirmation, and submit the form to the AAO after signed and stamped by the Vice Dean of the school or college.

IV. Courses, Credit Recognition and Grade Record

Article 8 Students should take along their specialty cultivation program and develop a curriculum study plan in accordance with the teaching plan in XMUT under the guidance of the instructor of the partner university. They should bring back materials of proof (Chinese versions required), including course description (syllabus), class hours, credits, and grades of the courses selected, and fill out the XMUT Credit Recognition Form for Overseas Intercollegiate Exchanges and submit it to the OICE for review and the AAO for filing.

Article 9 In the event the courses completed by the student in the exchange program are the same as or similar to the specialty compulsory courses in XMUT, the credits thus obtained will be recognized.

Article 10 In the event XMUT has no corresponding courses and no courses for mutual recognition of credits in the cultivation program, the courses completed in the exchange program will be recognized as specialty elective.

Article 11 In the event the student has obtained credits for such courses, they will be recognized as public elective courses in XMUT.

V. Student Management

Article 12 The AAO, OICE and Student Affairs Office (hereinafter referred to as the SAO) will invite authorities concerned in Xiamen Municipal Government to give the students instructions before going abroad.

Article 13 The school or college concerned should keep informed of the life and study of exchange students studying abroad, and be responsible for relevant management.

Article 14 The students in the partner university should comply with local laws and school regulations and accept its management.

Article 15 The SAO is responsible for recognizing the awards students obtain in their study in Taiwan and rewarding them according to their academic performance in the partner university.

Article 16 In the event students request to leave the partner university during the intercollegiate exchange, they should obtain permission from XMUT and the university.

Article 17 In the event students want to drop out the intercollegiate exchange program, they should apply to both XMUT and its partner university for approval, and return to XMUT after approval, go through the formalities for resumption of study and continue the study in their original specialties.

Article 18 Students should return to XMUT in compliance with the agreement upon expiration of the exchange and not extend the duration of study or go to other regions or countries without permission. Otherwise such acts will be deemed as automatic withdrawal.

VI. Expenses

Article 19 Students should pay tuition and other related expenses in accordance with the agreement.

VII. Supplementary Provisions

Article 20 The Measures takes effect upon the date of announcement. The OICE, AAO and SAO reserve the right for its interpretation.