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With 23 teaching management staff members working here, the Department of Academic Affairs consists of 1 center and 4 sections, which are Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Practical Teaching, Office of Teaching Research &Reform and Examination Center.

   As an important functional department for educational administration, the Department of Academic Affairs is responsible for teaching management, teaching operation normalization, teaching quality assurance, research on teaching pattern, in-depth teaching reform, spread of advance teaching experience and other relative academic affairs related to the full-time undergraduate education. It functions as a primary coordinating unit to guarantee the continuity of instructional activities as well as a main intermediary between academic institutions in communication. Providing policy guidance and theoretical support for the discipline orientation in line with “refined engineering, featured science and applied humanities, the office is of great importance for the well-organized academic affairs administration which is essential for XMUT on the way towards a “pro-industry” university.